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Ohnonononononoooo 9/11MANComesREALLY reallyhardTONIGHT

An experience curated and performed by the 9/11 man himself. All the way from no man's land, right in the middle of the east, he comes really hard, tonight, to the rescue. He was the one who "did it", and he is here to "do it" all over again. He was once hated and now back to be loved.

A true to the definition 9/11 meditation, ceremony, ritual that takes you really way high up in the sky and smash your head into the glass windows of reality. The performance will most likely feel like we are all on the same ride but defenitely have different destinations in mind. There might be a slight struggle as to who picks the route. What is certain however, as it always is, is that some of us will be the heros of this journey, some will be the victims and some will never forget. 


The idea of this performance came to Sohrab when in a reahersal someone asked "where were you on 9/11?" and he felt a strong impulse to make sure everyone knows that he was 8 at the time and home watching TV. 


In Ohnonononononoooo9/11MANComesREALLYreallyhardTONIGHT, Sohrab will be the middle eastern Sewer Rat he's been deep down but forgot to express to his friends. 

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