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SexPlay (Creator, Devisor)
Fall 2020

SexPlay is Mispronounced Theatre Company's first creation.

It's a headphones-on visual and audio journey from the waking world to the subconscious dreamscape.

It's about why things are always impossible.

The inevitability of distance.

Co-Devisor and Co-Founder of Mispronounced Theatre Company: Linnea Bond

"What you built is powerful, tender and brave. As a viewer I feel I am in good hands as we venture into this vulnerable territory alongside you. It begins with an awkward, honest encounter and the multi-camera view underlines our voyeuristic role.  As we enter the subconscious the energy ramps up and that split into two paths is exciting, drawing me in. By the time we tumble into the dreamscape I am with you both completely and full of curiosity.’m moved by your work on both the structural level as well as the detailed image level. Structurally you’ve built a sophisticated arc that journeys from the external to the internal, braiding together two human beings in that instinctual quest to come closer than is actually possible. You offer us the tragic truth through a poetic landscape: No matter how close we get, there is still distance. Yet, it is the pursuit of that ultimately impossible togetherness that makes us feel the most alive. In the details you venture into raw personal content that strikes us with its vividness. Some images are so specific to the cultural landscapes of your lives, while others are universally familiar. What resonates the most is the collision of humor, despair, tragedy and resilience that we all carry in our own way through our lives.  Watching these things uncork in the landscape of your dreams and intermingle as you reach for a new love, is touching

and invigorating, and somehow full of hope."

Reviwed by Nichole Canuso of Nichole Canuso's Dance Company

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